Tax season is over, time to draw conclusions!

Now that you’ve finished all your tax reporting activities, and hopefully have received all the refunds, lets see how it went for us.

I’ve created a small survey that I would really appreciate your help with. You can find it on I will publish the results and conclusions within a couple of month. I’ll try to do it even earlier, provided sufficient amount of responses.

The survey is completely anonymous, and will only be used by me, to write an article about the past tax season. I will not share the answers with anyone, with exception of the last question (on which you are not required to answer).

The last question is whether or not you’re interested in a tax professional contacting you in advance to the next tax season. If you’re not comfortable with leaving your information on the survey, but would still like to get in touch with a tax professional for the next tax season – you can contact me directly through the contact form, on this blog. Significant discounts guaranteed to the readers of this blog, who are referred through the survey or the contact form. I’ll post the updated prices and discount information, as well as the relevant contact information, when we get closer to the tax season.

Thank you for your help and cooperation,

Your Little Advisor

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