eBay makes me feel violated

There’s a policy on eBay: in order to have the right to pay them fees for each sale, you have to give them a payment method for automatic charges. Well, so far so (relatively) good. I have the control over what I list and how much I should pay eBay, so I can more or less expect the charges. They also send an invoice prior to charging.

Now there’s this: from now on, in order to list items, you also have provide a payment method for automatic charges. Which charges you might ask? “Buyer protection reimbursement”.

Yes, eBay stepped up their service. Now people don’t need to bother with “feedback extortion“, “unjustified chargebacks“, “holds” on your funds etc. Just file a buyer protection claim, and eBay will charge automatically, without even giving me a chance to contest the charge. Why? Because I “agreed” to that (if you can call submitting to blackmailing by an abusive monopoly “agreeing”).

What can you do about it? Nothing much.

Yes, you can try selling locally on Craigslist, or on Amazon Market. But eBay are a monopoly, vast majority of on-line sales by individuals goes through eBay, and that’s where the buyers are. Want to play – play by their rules, or don’t play at all. That’s the “Free” market for you.

So far it doesn’t look like any regulator is going to step in. eBay is already forcing its sellers using PayPal, not allowing the right to defend yourself against fraudulent claims and charges by dishonest buyers, and making you feel and look like a criminal (including seizing, doubly legally, your money) for the kicks of it.

So my advice to you – look elsewhere. Anything you buy on eBay you can find in any legitimate store or Amazon Market. You might find yourself paying a slightly higher price, but its worth it. Because when you need to sell something – you’ll have an alternative. And maybe then eBay will start treating its customers as customers, and not thieves.

Your Little Advisor.

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