Looking for a new cash-back card? Look no more!

US Bank offers a Visa “Signature” card, with no annual fees and 1% cash-back on all the purchases. Isn’t it nice? You get a higher-end Visa “Signature” for free – a deal on its own behalf. Why? Because Visa “Signature” cardholders enjoy all kinds of benefits such as a free Fandango movie ticket, discounts, insurances, warranty extensions and accidental damage protections. See the full details on Visa site. So far most of the offers I’ve seen were from airlines/hotels, with significant yearly fees. Rare free cards provide very “poor” reward options (Chase Sapphire, for example, not to confuse with a $95/year Sapphire Preferred).

But wait, that’s not all! US Bank allows you to choose which specific categories will get a significantly bigger cash-back: you can chose two 5% categories and one 2% category. You need to choose your categories every quarter, but it is still much better than Discover, Citi or Chase deciding on the categories on their own, and changing them every quarter without any input on your behalf.

So you have a Visa “Signature” card, with 1% cashback + 3 categories with 5% and 2% cashbacks. Awesome, AMEX, behind you! Could there be more?

Yes! If you apply to this card from the US Bank’s Facebook page, and spend $500 in the first 90 days – you get a $50 credit! 10% cashback right there, just for applying through the facebook page. And they have sweepstakes there, too.

So if you’re on the market for a new cash-back credit card – look at this one closely.


Facebook page with the $50 bonus.

US Bank page describing the Cash+ card.

Example of the current category choices.

Enjoy, and shop responsibly,

Your Little Advisor

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