Get free miles with United

Summer is the travel season, and who doesn’t like travelling for free?

Well, for that you’d need miles on your frequent flyer account. How to get those without actually flying?

One example: United gives 500 miles free for registering for marketing promotions sent to your phone. What do you need? United MileagePlus number, Visa credit card (not to be charged, don’t worry), and filling a form at this link: United 500 miles promotion.

What will happen is that you’d start getting promotional text messages to your phone, based on your shopping pattern with the Visa credit card.

What’s the trick? Several, in fact:

  1. You don’t actually have to shop with that card. For example, register with your debit card that you don’t usually use. That way your personal information will remain personal.
  2. You can opt-out of the promotion once you got the 500 miles.
  3. You can actually save some money on valuable offers you might receive this way.

Whether giving up some of your privacy for some actual and more potential savings is a worthwhile deal is for you to decide. But in the world where the corporations don’t think twice before selling all they know about you to the highest bidder, the least we should expect is a 500 miles compensation.

So, enjoy your next trip,

Your Little Advisor

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