Amex gives 20% rebate

American Express have an interesting promotion for the summer: order a $50 gift card (no fees, no minimum payments, basically a prepaid debit card accepted anywhere AmEx cards are accepted), and get an additional $10 card in the mail. You pay  $10 (for the original order), and you get $60 worth of prepaid AmEx cards. 20% rebate.

The American Express prepaid card has all the protections all the American Express cards have, and is really useful as a gift, for internet purchases where you don’t want to disclose your credit card numbers, or as a budget account where you want to limit your expenses by a preset amount.

The rebate is $10, so if you load more than $50 when you order it, the rebate percentage will be lower, but… You can get several of those ($10 rebate is per name, if you order several cards with different names, you can get several rebates).

The promotion details are here. The promotion lasts until July 31rd.

Your Little Advisor.

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