So what’s all that noise about the ObamaCare ?

After the Supreme Court ruled PPACA to be constitutional, Romney and his Republican friends decided to waste some more time trying to repeal it. The 30 times they tried  to do it in the last 2 years it didn’t work, so what does it say about them? Ben Franklin said: “Insanity – repeating the same mistake and expecting a different result”. Well, won’t argue with one of the Founding Fathers.

But what is it this ObamaCare? What is so bad about it that the is Congress fruitlessly trying to repeal it for the whole 2 years, instead of dealing with other problems?

Well, there’s a wonderful article on Reddit which explains all the provisions of the law and when they come into the effect. I would suggest the republicans to read it, and tell us – what it is on that list that they want to repeal, and how would they keep the remaining provisions intact. In the article, the writer goes over the most prominent claims against PPACA, and explains why each and every one of them is wrong.

Somehow I doubt that the Republican voters would approve bringing back the pre-existing conditions exclusions, the ability to drop the insured, or set a lifetime limit. But I would really appreciate Romney coming forth and saying “I’m going to make your healthcare worse”. He might even get some voters on board (probably those who have enough money to pay for whatever they need any time).

And just a reminder, any state can opt out of the PPACA, if it has its own healthcare law that provides at least the same benefits to the residents. So if you don’t like something – deal with it in your own state, don’t try to ruin it for everyone.

Have a nice election season, and don’t forget to place your vote based on factual knowledge.

Your Little (and still healty) Advisor.


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