Hatred and ignorance as a marketing tool – Chick-Fil-A example

Chick-Fil-A tought all of us this week how to manipulate the masses and use hatred and ignorance to their own profit. True, Stalin and Hitler had done it way before, but the exemplary execution we’ve witness this week is extraordinary.

What happened, really? Some CEO decided to mention that his god doesn’t like gay marriage and that’s why all gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry. Well, everybody knows that many gods are anti-gay and their believers keep pumping it into our heads, nothing new here.  What’s new is that the politicians (specifically – Mike Huckabee, and the Mayors of Boston, Chicago and our own San Francisco) decided to use this poor CEO’s words as a political weapon.

Why? No reason, really. None of them stands for an election any time soon, and they can’t actually ban a restaurant in their cities just because the CEO is a jerk. Huckabee just wanted some ratings to his show, and probably got some, although I’m not sure how much.

Who is the one to profit from this all? Chick-Fil-A of course.

Bunch of ignorant zombies full of hate went and gave them money just to show that they’re at least as ignorant and not half as smart as that CEO. Another bunch of ignorant zombies stood with rainbow flags across the street and shouted things. Both sides lost: former lost their money and some of their health, and the latter lost their own argument on freedom of doing what you want.

Who won? This, and many other, CEO who’s just busy making money out of people’s hatred.

And to all of you Christians, here’s a story in pictures of how ridiculous you and your anti-gay arguments are:

Facebook Opinion #1

Facebook Opinion #2

Facebook Opinion #3

And of course, Jon Stewart has a say on this too:


The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Fast Feud Nation – Chik-fil-A Appreciation Day

Chick-A-Fil? I’m not going to shop there. Not because of what the CEO thinks, that’s his business. But because of how they’re making their money. Having gay haters put a greasy piece of meat in between those buns. Ironic.

Your Little Advisor.

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