Samsung to pay $1B to Apple

So Samsung is going to pay $1B to Apple. That’s good news. Or is it?

The idea of patenting a design seems to be problematic to me. Who owns the patent on the design of a sedan car? Should everyone pay royalties to Boeing for the shape of a modern airplane? All the laptops have a keyboard and a flat screen – who’s the owner of this marvelous invention? I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Apple does in fact own a patent on a laptop design.

So how come there is no law suits on any of these, but a smartphone that has a touchscreen and a button is only allowed to be sold by Apple? What purpose does it solve, other than an attempt to preserve the Apple monopoly in the smart phones’ market? It’s the iPhone way or the highway, apparently.

So what does it mean to us, the consumers? First, our choices will be limited of course. And not just with phones, any innovation will be available everywhere else but the US because any innovator will be reluctant to put himself in the danger of being crucified by the US patent law enforcement. Something to think about for the young entrepreneurs I’ve been writing about last week.

Second, the existing products will stay longer and updates and upgrades will be delayed. Why would Apple work hard on new stuff, if they can still be milking us with the old stuff? After all, the competition is driven away by the courts, and the consumers don’t have any choice but to buy what’s being offered.

What’s the solution?

Call your Senator. Have these ridiculous laws change. They only protect the large corporations, not the people, and definitely not the investors.

Your Little Advisor.

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