Dissapointed with the iPhone. Again.

So the new iPhone is out, and I’m even more disappointed than I was the last time around. I mean, seriously! The whole hype is about the 4” screen? Wake up and smell the coffee, Apple, 4.3” is the new standard. So nice of you to catch up! LTE? Well, it’s about time, not a year too late. 8-Megapixel camera? Well, don’t blame Samsung on stealing that, they’ve had it even before you released the iPhone 4S.

So what’s all the noise about? What are we required to pay $399 for? New connector:  throw away all your older docks and cables, or at least pay a fee to Apple for an adaptor. What’s wrong with the mini-USB all the rest of the phones are using as a de-facto industry standard? People at Apple might now, but it surely beats me.

New earphones? Cool. Can I buy them separately? I can? And attach them to my Galaxy? Awesome.

What else? Ah, the new iOS 6. Well, you don’t really have to buy a new phone for a software upgrade, do you? And do you really need all those bells and whistles? Well, some do. Good for them.

Bottom line, I’m disappointed tremendously. What happened to the Apple we used to know from 5 years ago? Where’s the innovation? Where’s the “Wow!”? It’s all gone, with Steve Jobs. Nothing left. It’s the Macintosh story all over again, they’re bidding on a single line of products, don’t let anyone else use their software, and don’t look at the competition (unless that’s in the courts, that is). In the meantime, from being the leaders they moved to the rear end of the pack, reacting and adding features that their competitors have had for a long time, and being busy with depriving us of options in patent wars rather than creating new and exciting products for us to be amazed by.

Shame on you, Apple.


And while we’re dealing with Apple…. Another MacHeist bundle is in the workingJ

Your Little Advisor.

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