Using Yelp to destroy the political opponents

As the elections are getting closer, the politics enter more and more areas of our lives.

One should be cautious not to let the politics and ideology to interfere with unrelated decision making. I’ve written before about the Chick-Fil-A affair. Then, it was the hatred of the gay people that was used to drive up the sales.

Now, it’s the hate of Obama that is being used to drive the sales down for the competition. GOP haters are using the YELP ranking system to hurt business whose owners openly support the Obama administration. Be careful when you check the ratings as they may be flawed and biased, without any relation to the actual business qualities.

Don’t get me wrong, if you think a business owner is voicing opinions you don’t like – it’s your right to demonstrate against that business owner or blog about it.

But, when you go on Yelp and use the Yelp’s ranking system to drive down the ranks for the competition just because you don’t agree with their opinions – that’s dictatorship. That is something you shouldn’t be doing. Free market, remember?

So to all the GOP supporters who downvoted the bear-hugging pizza guy – remember: there’s a huge difference between a boycott and actively working on discrediting the business you don’t like. Ranks on Yelp are supposed to express the opinion about the business, not the opinion about the business owner’s opinions. Did you not like his pizza? Was the crust too thick or too thin? Rank that. He was excited about Obama? Irrelevant.

This can work both ways. Remember the outcry when the list of donors to the campaign in favor of the discriminatory anti-constitutional proposition 8 in California was published? You didn’t want your names out there because you were afraid of retaliation from the people you’ve discriminated against and harmed. But what are you doing now?

Food for thought.

Your Little Advisor.

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1 Response to Using Yelp to destroy the political opponents

  1. Ellie K says:

    Hello Little Advisor!
    I am visiting by way of Money Stack Exchange. I am expecting to be perma-banned shortly, but wanted to mention that your blog is delightful! Especially for a hobby blog! I read the SE related post, and several others.

    Regarding this matter: I don’t understand the mindset at all. Regardless of political party affiliation, every citizen of the U.S.A. should respect the current individual who holds the office of President. The nice man from Florida, even if he were a registered Republican AND intended to vote for Governor Romney, should still be hospitable toward President Obama. He behaved perfectly appropriately in my opinion, in that he was cordial and friendly.

    Similarly, I am utterly puzzled by the idea that a Republican is somehow disloyal to his party because he (or she?) facilitates efficient government by cooperative behavior with Democrat incumbents. That is the right thing to do!

    It wasn’t always like this, so adversarial. As a Republican, while president, Ronald Reagan praised Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration, I recall.

    Yelp is an if-y service. It wasn’t so great as far as integrity back in 2010 or so, then they really seemed to clean things up. The current situation, about the pizza restaurant reviews, is just terrible. It isn’t Yelp’s fault, it is people’s bad attitudes that are to blame.
    Yours truly,
    Feral Oink

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