The Republicans are liars. We know that now.

Two debates so far, and we’ve been shown exactly what the Romney/Ryan team is about: lies, lies and then some more lies.

They say Obama lost the debate, because he didn’t tell Romney “you’re a liar” in the face. Well, he should have, undoubtedly, and Biden learned the lesson. I watched the Biden/Ryan debate (some of it, at least, live), and it was pure entertainment. Yes, Biden showed what he thinks of Ryan, but that’s good! Some real emotions, finally!

I won’t go through all the lies that Romney and Ryan have told in the debate, but I find it particularly interesting that Ryan accused Biden of earmarking “green energy” money, when he was the one doing that (as Biden has shown). I also found it extremely entertaining to see Ryan not answering a direct question about how he’s going to lower taxes by 20% without creating deficits. I’m an engineer, I know some math. Its true that Republicans consider their constituency to be stupid, and in many cases it is so, but most of the country knows how to add 2 and 2 together. Or so I hope, we’ll see in November.

For the specifics of why I think the Republicans are liars, you can look at these:

Ryan told 24 myths on the debate,

Romney speaks half-truth and lies (compare to Obama’s statistics – mostly truthful),

Ryan is mostly lying.

Think twice when you vote next month.

Your Little Advisor.

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