Go vote! (and help clean up after Sandy!)

Well, after months of political ads on every screen and corner, and billions poured into the pockets of advertisers and campaign managers, today it is finally going to be over.

Do go out and vote, every vote counts. In every state, be it the red state, or blue state, or swing state, there are also elections to the Congress, local referenda questions – they all matter.

I do hope we can wake up on Thursday and not see all the negative and positive and enthusiastic and pessimistic and what else ads everywhere, we’re all tired of that. And you might want to consider calling your congressmen (whoever it is you’re going to vote for tomorrow) to urge them to change the law so that the corporations will no longer be considered people. Otherwise – many more election years like this one to come.

For more information on voting, measures, polling places, etc – Google have a special search engine just for that.

Your Little Advisor

PS: Haven’t forgotten. If you want to donate for Sandy relief efforts, here are some links for you:

Sandy NJ Relief Fund

United Way of New York City – Sandy Recovery Fund

CBS New York – list of various local charities (in all of the Tri-State area)




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