Do you trust the news? The BBC lying on Gaza, again.

I’ve written before already about how careful you should be when reading reviews and various on-line articles. But how about the news reporters? Can we trust them?

Well, not surprisingly – we cannot.

It is especially evident with the reports coming in from the yet again another round of fighting between Israel and the Palestinians. While I’ve been there and have seen things with my own eyes, others rely on the news reporters to keep them posted about what’s going on. And what they get is hardly credible.

Look at this video, which is a news report about the violence, as transmitted by the BBC. Pay attention to positions 2:12 and 2:43.

If you haven’t noticed – the same man appeared at these spots. First – that man was badly wounded, shown being taken to an ambulance. But half a minute later in the video – he’s walking around perfectly well, directing traffic.

What do you take from that?

1. Many of the “wounded” are in fact actors, many of the events are staged. That’s what is called “Paliwood“.

2. The reports are almost always biased against Israel. You will find headlines like “Israel killed 3 Palestinians” or “Israel shelled Gaza”, but you will find it hard to discover that Palestinians are shelling Israel and killing Israelis on daily basis since late 1990’s. That’s 15 years of daily rocket and mortar attacks.

3. The Palestinians play for the public. They don’t care about their civilians or children really, they care about public opinion. If they need to show some dead bodies – they’ll make sure there are dead bodies. If they need – they’ll kill themselves. Doesn’t matter. Public will blame Israelis anyway.

Its about time it stopped. You can make a difference. Call your Congressmen, urge them to take action against the Palestinians and the terrorism.

And do check your info from different sources. In the age of Internet and easy access to information, you shouldn’t be getting it all from your favorite news program, be it Fox or MSNBC or CNN. Look around, analyze, think. Don’t be a dummy.

Your LittleĀ  Advisor.


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