Is the Second Amendment sacred?

It appears that the same people who promoted and agitated the voters to strip Californians of their right to marry (totally ignoring the Constitutional equal rights clause), are also the same people arguing fiercely against any kind of gun control.

Why? Because they have the right to bear arms (and why does it not mean that they have the right to kill bears and keep their arms? Don’t know). Does it mean they have the right to shoot and kill second graders? Black people? Presidents? Rock stars?

Let me remind you, Adam Lanza is not alone.

Mark Chapman shot and killed John Lennon of The Beatles in 1980, with a legally acquired weapon.

John Hinckley, Jr. assassinated the US President Ronald Raegan in 1981, with a legally acquired gun.

There are many more examples, and as you can read in the following link – almost all of the high-profile shootings in the recent decades were done with legally acquired guns. Recent examples include the assassination attempt of the Representative Gabby Gifford, the shooting in the Colorado movie theater, the recent shooting in Oregon, and of course – this week’s events in Connecticut.

What’s so special about all of these cases, other than the ease of acquiring weapons?

Most, if not all of the shooters, were in fact claiming to be insane (at least those who stayed alive to stand trial). The murderer of John Lennon, and the shooter of Ronald Reagan both said they wanted to be famous. We can’t know for sure the motives of people who killed themselves, but it surely shows that they were mentally unstable to begin with.

Also, important thing to note that in many cases the State in which the gun was sold, was not the State in which it was used. Mark Chapman fired the gun in New York, but bought it in Hawaii. John Hinckley fired the gun in Washington DC, but bought it in Texas.

So the ease of getting a gun in one State has effect on the ease of committing a  murder in another. And yes, its true that guns don’t kill people, that people do. But should we really make it so easy for people that want to kill others to do so? The excuse that if they couldn’t find a gun legally they would buy it illegally doesn’t hold, in my opinion. These are not gangsters and drug lords, these are people obsessed with an idea of becoming famous. Being shot on the street by a cop won’t make them famous, and had they not gotten a gun easily – maybe they would go for a Nobel Prize instead?

And another thing – why let them be famous? Why give them the publicity? Keep their names hidden, their faces off the TV, and don’t feed the trolls. They want to be famous? Show them that doing hideous crimes won’t make them so.

Think about that.
Your Little Advisor.

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