Kudos to Southwest customer service!

I usually write here my rants about the bad stuff happening, but credit should be given where credit is due.

While I had bad experience with airlines’ stuff regarding luggage problems before, this time I want to write about the good things.

It is well-known that Southwest decided not to go with the flow and don’t charge customers for checking in their luggage. That by itself is not a positive thing, merely a lack of negative thing other companies have. But letting people check in luggage for free brings volumes of luggage to handle, and that in turn brings mistakes.

Mistakes happen, everyone makes them. Its how you handle your mistake that matters.

This holiday season I traveled with Southwest, and on the way back they lost one of the bags I’ve checked in. At my final destination, when I figured that the bag didn’t come on the same plane with me, I went to their baggage claim office and complained. Surprisingly, the first thing they said was “we’re sorry, here’s $50 voucher for the trouble”. That was definitely a good start. Then, they filled a report for the missing bag and suggested waiting for their next flight from the same airport to land (it was supposed to land in the next 10 minutes). We were hoping my bag was late to its flight and was flying in on the next one, but unfortunately it wasn’t. Then, the customer service personnel said that they’ll call me when the bag arrives, and if I pick it up myself they’ll give me another $50 voucher (or, they can deliver it to me directly at their expense, but then I don’t get the voucher). They said that if they don’t find it within the next 5 days – I should file a claim with the company, and they insure it up t o $3500 (although they did ask for proof of value for expensive stuff). Which is nice, last time I had a similar problem with another airline, they only claimed to have liability up to $500 per bag.

They called me the next morning saying they have my bag. I came by to pick it up that afternoon and the voucher for another $50 was already printed out and waiting for me.

Overall, although it took a day to receive my bag, the experience was pleasant and the customer service provided by Southwest was excellent. Comparing to airlines that charge money and then blame you for damage to your luggage, definitely a different level of service.

Happy holidays, and Happy New Year!

Your Little Advisor

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