So the court has decided.

The Proposition 8 has been stricken down by the lower courts. The US Supreme Court tossed the appeal because the appellants have no standing. Finally, we have a legal precedence for people to mind their own f***ing business. I hope the bigots get the clue – the relations between two grown ups are none of their business. If the two grown ups happen to be of the same sex, or opposite sex, shouldn’t matter when it comes to the benefits and additional rights they get just because they make their relationship official.

DOMA Section 3, that defines the “marriage” for Federal purposes – got invalidated as unconstitutional. That was  so obvious to all that even the United States Department of Justice decided not to defend the statute any more. Millions of dollars the Republican majority in the House of Representative has spent on the fruitless defense and the prolonged suffering of the gay couples could have been spent much better in this economy. But hey, Republicans are all for fruitless waste of taxpayers’ money, aren’t they?

Unfortunately DOMA Section 2, that allows States to ignore other states’ marriage licenses, has not been challenged yet and thus yesteraday’s ruling doesn’t affect it. I hope it will get repealed by the Congress, and if not – invalidated by the SCOTUS next time.

It was a good day for all of us. Lets hope it will only get better from now on.

Your Little Advisor.

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