Is religion for dumb people?

A research published in a recent “Psychology Review” shows very interesting data about the correlation between the persons’ IQ and their religious beliefs and behavior.

Researchers from University of Rochester in Rochester, New York and the Northeastern University in Boston, MA have analyzed significant amount of studies that show that there’s a negative correlation of ~0.24 (on the scale from 0 to -1) between a person’s IQ and the person’s religious behavior and beliefs.

According to the researchers, the more the person is educated – the more the correlation is stronger. For example, college graduates are less likely to be religious than younger or less educated people.

This confirms my own empiric observations: the more educated people are and the more intelligent people are – the less likely they are to become religious zealots. Sure, a lot will go to church/synagogue/mosque, but many do so not because of a strong religious conviction but rather to pay respect to their traditions. Rarely these people become fanatics. But those who are poor (and hence less educated), less intelligent (not everyone is a genius, after all…) – those are more likely to be brainwashed into fanatic bigotry.

So yes, the data is in. As Marx once said – religion is the opium of the people. Mostly uneducated masses. No wonder that they object anything that would lead to more educated society.

Your Little (and educated) Advisor.

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