Something about free speach and tolerance…

Mozilla’s newly appointed CEO, Brendan Eich, resigned yesterday. Apparently, it is not always clear to people where the the freedom of speech and the tolerance end and acceptance begins.

Eich was definitely in his right to give $1000 to the Prop 8 campaign, and was definitely in his right to voice his opposition to other people having the same rights as him. After all, it wouldn’t be a free country otherwise.

What other people have is exactly the same – they have the right to voice their opinion, their opposition to Eich’s behavior and their desire not to use products developed by the company he’s the face of.

Boycotting companies for the opinions of their owners/CEO’s is not news. Some people decide to boycott companies because they’re owned/led by bigots, others decide to support these companies for that same reason. Check the Chick-Fil-A story – enough said.

But apparently, it is only allowed to use the power of the dollar when it is for the “right” cause. When the boycott of Mozilla drives Eich out, it is apparently bullying and intolerance that was the reason, not Eich’s own actions.

So let me educate you on the difference between “Free Speech“, “Tolerance” and “Acceptance“:

1. Free speech – you’re free to say as you like. No law can prevent you from saying whatever you want. Some laws may punish you if by saying things you’re causing significant damage (like, for example, exposing the NSA surveillance program…), but you’re still free to say it. You must accept the responsibility for what you say. That’s free speech.

2. Tolerance – people who’re tolerant will not try to actively preventing you from speaking out your mind. For example, you won’t see gays pushing laws to forbid preaching bigotry or forcing churches to discuss Darwinism and Creationalism as two equal theories. Gay people tolerate Eich’s opinions, even if his opinions (and actions) come to strip gay people of their equal rights. No-one demanded Eich to be put in prison. That’s tolerance.

3. Acceptance – accepting one’s opinion means living/acting by them. While Eich’s is free to say what he wants, and I’m tolerant to him saying that, I’m in no way obligated to accept what he’s saying. Thus, the fact that I oppose his opinions doesn’t mean that I’m against his free speech or not tolerant – it means I do not accept. That’s acceptance.

Same goes both ways – In California, and many other states, gay marriages are (now) legal. It is the gay people’s free speech right to get married (declare in public their love to their partner and willingness to share their lives together), it is everyone else tolerance not to interfere and let them live their lives as they want. But everyone else doesn’t have to accept that opinion and rush into gay marriage themselves. No-one was forcing Mr. Eich to marry another man when he was contributing money to Prop 8. He was not forced to accept anyone’s else opinion. He was merely asked to tolerate it. He was not willing to. He was willing to force his belief on others, force gay people to accept his way of life through law.

And now he’s paid the price for that. And its free market: if I don’t want to use Mozilla products – I won’t. Same as me never stepping foot at the neighborhood Chick-Fil-A.

Think about this,

Your Little Advisor.

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