In Rialto the Holocaust has never happened…

Most major outlets mentioned it only briefly, but the same month when the Israelis commemorate the death of more than half of the Jewish population of the world in the Holocaust, the California’s Rialto teachers decided to give their students a “critical thinking” assignment – denying it.

You can read more here, or here, or even here. But not here.

I can’t say what bothers me more…Is it the fact that the “critical thinking” exercise of denial is targeting one of the most documented and most heinous crimes in the human history?… Is it the fact that the question formulated to guide the students towards the ever antisemitic claim that Jews only care about money and gains?… Or is it the obvious bias of the board administrators against Jews in general and Israel in particular?..

Interim superintendent, named Mohammed Islam, and his spokesperson, named Sayeda Jafri, were very apologetic. They said that they didn’t receive any complaints from the parents or teachers. Friendly crowd, apparently.

Rialto is about an hour drive from Los Angeles, home to the Simon Wiesenthal Center – an organization founded by the Nobel Peace Prize nominee Simon Wiesenthal, a holocaust survivor and a Nazi hunter. I’m sure they could have helped the teachers with some education materials and topics to encourage the students’ critical thinking abilities without asking the students to justify denying facts. Was one hour drive or even a phone call such a hard task for Mr. Islam?

One would wonder how these people get to a position where they can poison children’s minds, but America is apparently too politically correct for such questions to be asked in the mainstream media.

I advise you to think long and hard when you’re electing your representatives to the school boards next time.

Your Little Advisor, who had personally met and spoke with the people who had numbers tattooed on their hands.

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