Nothing new in the Middle East. What about the news?

It is summer again, and as usual – there’s another little war going on between Israel and the Palestinians. P’s are throwing rockets indiscriminately all around Israel, I’s are bombing headquarters and weapons’ storage facilities in Gaza ignoring the human shields, and the reporters and the propagandists are having a party.

But what’s new in the reports? Apparently nothing.While Israel is reusing it’s posters published during the last couple of rounds on the IDF Facebook feed, the Palestinians are also reusing the images of their dead and wounded. From the previous rounds, and some even from totally different places – like the conflicts in Syria and Iraq. You can also see the floods of automated propaganda messages, most of them very hateful and unbased on facts, all around – from both sides, but mostly from the Palestinian side.

What does it mean to us, consumers, news consumers, in this case?

1. Everybody lies. After all, Hugh Laurie said that, it must be true. And it is. Everything you read, especially in the “Comments” section, but also in the actual (but many times not factual) news reports should be taken with a grain of salt. And blogs, including this one. They’re all biased, affected by personal opinions, preferences and beliefs.

2. News reports are not necessarily facts. Many times they’re not. Sometimes because the reporters are mislead, sometimes (Fox News) because they’re not interested in reporting, but rather preaching. This definitely includes the Arab-Israeli conflict.

3. What you see is not always what you get. When you see a picture or a video – many times you’re not aware of the context. You’re shown a kid beaten by cops – but you don’t see that kid taking part in a violent riot with rocks and Molotov cocktails thrown at these cops beforehand. You’re shown a picture of a dying baby, but you’re not told that the baby is dying because of wounds inflicted by his own party. Sometimes the baby is not even from the area or time and occasionally (as I have shown in this blog during the last round of the Israeli-Palestinian clashes) – the baby may very well be from the opposite side.

So what to do?


Sometimes it is hard, you may be too lazy, or just not care enough. But if you care enough to form an opinion – think before you do.

Consider this:

Palestinians claim Israel occupies their land, yet the attacks against Israel come from Gaza where there’s not a single Israeli.

Palestinians claim Israel blockades Gaza, yet they have amassed thousands of long-range missiles and various weapons. Why have they not put the resources into building their own independent state? Who benefits from such a behavior? Who encourages it? Why?

Palestinians claim Israel terrorizes them and harms civilians, yet it is the Palestinians who call for these civilians to show up at places which Israel notified ahead of time it intends to attack. If they don’t care about their lives – why should you? Do people who encourage their children to stand under the bombs have any moral right to cry about these children after the bombs fall?

On the other side of the equation, you find a country being bombarded daily by rockets which deliberately target civilian areas, for the sole reason of killing people and spreading fear. That is, by definition, terrorism. Surprisingly, this is done by those from Gaza – the land not occupied by anyone which is completely free to declare its own independence. These attacks do not come from the West Bank, which may have some basis for claims of occupation.

Now think  – why is this? Why is it that the “West Bank” Palestinians stay on the sidelines, or outright condemn, their “brothers” from Gaza? Why is it that in Gaza it is easier to get weapons than medicine? How is it that even when Israel is under fire from Gaza – it is still providing Gaza with food, medicine, fuel? If that’s blockade – then Israel sucks at it.

If you really want to form your own opinion – go to Israel and see things for yourself. Try not to take part in riots, but do feel free to roam the country and see what’s going on. Think for yourself, don’t let people feed you opinions.
You don’t believe me? Good. Check, verify, and you will find the truth, not what people want you to believe.

Your Little Advisor.

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