How well does your investment firm/bank guard your personal information?

As some of you probably know, and others can imagine – I have more than one email address. One, for example, is used exclusively for this blog: all the notifications, your comments, the blog contact form and Twitter/Facebook/Google+ updates about my accounts used by this blog are being sent there.

Another email I have is used exclusively for my specific activity for profit. As part of that activity – I have opened an investment account. I have never given that email to anyone other than my business partner with whom I’ve been working for about 2 years prior on that activity. I have never received any spam on that email (it’s pretty hard to “guess” it).

Within days after opening the investment account with the firm, I started receiving multilpe spam emails a day, all related to various stock investments (read: scams). Fortunately the spam filter I have is very effective and none of them actually lands in my inbox, but that is beside the point.

When contacted the investment firm about it I received no response other than “we’ll look into it”. They’re probably still looking (a couple of months have passed).

I’m not suggesting that the firm has a leak, and it may have very well be a coincidence. But to me it looks like either the firm is selling the private contact information (and I tried to read their policies, I really did, it’s impossible to understand!), or some employee is just “harvesting” it from paper applications (as it was in fact a paper application, and not on-line, in my case).

If you have other (or similar) experiences – please leave a comment. With more people complaining, and doing it publicly, I’m sure the firm will “look into it” harder.

Thank you!

Your Little Advisor.

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