God needs your support in funding!

The God has started a project called “God Loves Gays”, where he/she intends to put a billboard sign that states the above in Topeka, Kansas – the home of the blasphemous cult infamous for picketing various events and blaming all the world evils on gays.

The religious fanatics are becoming stronger in the recent years all over the world. Be it the Taliban, the Republican Party, the ISIS organization, the Hamas or Al-Qaeda – they are all driven by the same hatred towards people thinking differently, believing in different things, or acting in the ways these people think others shouldn’t. While believing in whatever they want to believe is their right, enforcing their beliefs on others is not – and the God has spoken numerously against that.

So lets help the God (The Good Lord Above), that actually cares and actually talks back to the people who believe in him/her, bring his/her message to where it is needed the most: Topeka, Kansas.

You can show your support here, starting of $1. And no, this is not tax deductible. No religion should be a justification for tax discrimination, not even when a real god is involved.

Your Little Agnostic Advisor.

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3 Responses to God needs your support in funding!

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  2. Sally Eastman says:

    You are absolutely right, God does love Gay people. He just does not love the action. He says that over and over in His Word. What I don’t understand is how you can say that Republicans can even be linked to ISiS or Alqueda or cults. Why is it that people with their own beliefs are the only ones who think that they are right. Don’t the Gay rights or the Democrats or anyone other group believe that they are right and that if you don’t believe in what they believe that you are wrong?
    Of course they do and they are not nice about it either. But we are the only ones who are called hateful or racist or bigots. I love the Lord, I believe His Word. If you don’t then that is your business, but it does not change mine and it does not make me wrong. I love the sinner but I hate the sin. I do not think anyone ought to keep stirring up hate.

    • I don’t think we’re talking about the same God.

      I’m talking about the real one, the one with the Facebook page and the one who actually speaks to people.

      You’re talking about an imaginary voice in your head which you turn to since you don’t have your own moral compass or conscience. You need to blame some “God” to justify your hateful behavior, your ignorance and your willingness to hurt anyone who dares to not be like you, look like you, or believe in the same non-sense like you.

      ” I love the Lord, I believe His Word” – fine, you can love whoever you want and believe whatever you want.

      Just do it in the privacy of your own bedroom, don’t let me see your stupid religious nonsense and don’t impose your idiotic and retarded beliefs on me. How does that sound to you? Familiar?

      As to the link I’m making between hateful religious oppressors who are willing to hurt anyone who stands in the way of their religious fanaticism and lunacy and ISIS – well, that’s because it is an obvious link. Religious fanatics are dangerous, and it doesn’t matter how they call their fantasy. It doesn’t matter to me what exactly book they use to justify hurting others, they choose to hurt others and that’s the main issue. I really don’t care if the people who decide to hurt someone are doing it because Jesus Christ told them, or Allah, they’re crazy all the same.

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