Thank you, Scotland!

While the results are not yet final, according to the BBC about 54% of the Scots voted against the proposed separation from the United Kingdom.

I’ve been to Scotland (and England) and I love both the countries. While not the same – together they make much more than the sum of the two. Their histories are tied together for thousands of years, fighting and living together, from the rivalry of Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart to the solidarity of Elizabeth II and common Scotsmen.

I couldn’t imagine England and Scotland separating. After watching the Soviet Union falling apart, Germanies united, the European Union growing and the countries in it helping each other and growing closer – the United Kingdom splitting was just an impossible thing to even think of. That’s the most stable place in all of Europe (except for Switzerland maybe) and destroying it would be devastating.

So thank you Scotland for not doing that! Hope to visit soon,

Your Little Advisor.

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