God Loves Gays.

I mentioned this project when it has just started a couple of months ago, and now – the results: God has spoken – and she loves gays!

After two months, more than $100,000 were donated to the project (more than twice as much as the sacrifice God has asked for!), and as the result we have a billboard in Topeka, Kansas, that brings God’s message to the masses. And the message is: God Loves Gays!

In addition to the billboards, there are also advertisements on buses, additional support for the Trevor Project, and also a campaign in Utah – another place full of hateful bigots.

My previous post has been re-tweeted and shared and I hope I helped this campaign and  God in some way by writing it. I’m happy to be supporting this particular God. I know there are many gods, some are good and some are evil, some are real and some are made up. I’m proud to support one of the gods that try to do good in this world. I hope there will be more like her.

Your Little (and agnostic) Advisor

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