A short reminder about the Middle Eastern affairs coverage

This summer I was writing about the media coverage of the yet another round of violence in the Middle East. I was showing that the media, and the social media in particular, is extremely biased against Israel and the Israelis.

Well, guess what? Nothing changed.

Gaza is under attack. It is being blockaded and military is fighting against the Palestinians and the Hamas.

But you won’t hear about it in the daily news reports, and you won’t see Anderson Cooper standing in a bullet-proof vest in front of a camera in a safe distance from explosions in the background.

You know why? Because the ones attacking are not the Israelis. It is Egypt, an Arab/Muslim nation, who is now attacking, blockading and doing all these things we’re used to blame Israel of. But it is OK, they’re not Jews.

Why are they doing it? For the very same reason Israel does: Palestinians violently attacked them, and continued attacking them despite numerous warnings. Recently Palestinians perpetrated an attack against Egyptian military installation in Sinai, killing 33 Egyptian soldiers. Israelis reported it. Arab news outlets reported it. American/European news outlets? Not so much.

As a direct result of that attack, Israeli-Palestinian talks, brokered by Egypt to stop the fighting this summer, were postponed (indefinitely…).

In addition, Egyptian army started creating a buffer zone along the border with Gaza by relocating civilians and blowing up their houses which are too close to the border. By the way, they’re also demolishing any smuggling tunnel into Gaza they come across.

Accidentally (or not…), rockets fired from Gaza started falling in Israel again, which lead to Israelis closing their own border with Gaza. Have you heard about these rockets? No, you have not.

And you will not hear about these rockets or attacks in Sinai, until enough of them falls in Israel to force Israelis to retaliate. Then, when they retaliate, you’ll start hearing the words “Israeli aggression”, “genocide”, “innocent Palestinians”, “civilian casualties” all over the news again. All the twitter drones will come out of their hiding to wage another informational war.

And I’ll remind you of this post then.

Your Little Advisor.

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2 Responses to A short reminder about the Middle Eastern affairs coverage

    • Yes, I am in fact actually reading the news. But I also am reading the news reports. And I’m talking about the difference.

      Of course, if you know what to look for, how to look for it, and care enough to look – you’ll find reports. I didn’t say there was none.

      But that’s not how the news are consumed.

      Average American opens his computer and looks at the main page of that, say, CNN – what will he see? None of the articles related to Gaza were ever on the main page (and I looked for them). The one from Jerusalem was only linked to through the article describing the riots on the Temple Mount (a relatively ordinary event from a couple of weeks ago, but you can still see it on the CNN main page).

      I live in the Bay area, and I remember very well all the reports in the local news about “Gaza under attack” by Israel. There were no reports, at all, about the Egyptian offensive.

      I also remember very well all the anti-Israeli demonstrations carried out by the Palestinians and their ignorant supporters. Where are they now? It is quiet in San Francisco.

      The average American doesn’t actually research the news. The average American expects the news to be given to him on a golden plate. He reads the main page of his favorite website (and maybe even clicks some links), he watches the local news on TV (and maybe even some cable news channel), he remembers the highlights and goes to sleep telling his wife how mean the evil Israelis are.

      And that’s sickening.

      Antisemitism is at its highest since World War II, and there’s no-one to say “J’accuse”. If being frustrated form watching the history repeating itself right in front of me is being angry in your book – then yes, I’m angry.

      But thanks for reading and keeping tabs, I’m happy to be on the radar for you and whoever pays you. It means I’m doing something right.

      PS: today’s terror attack is nowhere to be found on neither the CNN nor the MSNBC main sites. On CNN it doesn’t even appear in the main sub-page for the “World” category. MSNBC doesn’t even have that. On FOX news it appears as the main item in the World category. Speaking about biased media…

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