It’s that time of the year again!

We’re at the end of another year!

Usually at this time I’ll remind you of stuff and explain you some stuff. So instead of repeating myself, I decided to put together a least of my prior articles that are relevant to the end of the year time and the start of the tax season.

So… Here it is:

1. Donations, donations, donations. End of the year is usually the time when charities start sending letters and remind you of their existence and ask for more money. Most of these letters go straight to trash, wasting the money already donated. Here’s the article I wrote about donations last year. This year, as usual, I’ll ask you to contribute to the Wikimedia foundation, and remember – without knowledge you have no power.

2. The tax season is about to start. Beginning the next month, you will start working on your upcoming tax return filings, and you will look for a tax preparer. Here’s an article I wrote this February to help you chose your tax preparer/adviser wisely. Remember, you can also use the new IRS online transcript service to prepare.

3. And of course, my shopping advices from 2011 are still valid. While the shopping season is wrapping up – this may be the best time to do some shopping.

Have a wonderful holiday season and happy New Year!

Your Little Advisor

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