The free speech and the Streisand effect.

“The Interview” (available on XBox and Google Play) has proven, once again, that in the age of Internet it is very hard to suppress information you do not like to have published.

There’s a thing called “the Streisand Effect”. It is called after the famous singer and actress Barbara Streisand. Why, you ask? Because at some point of time, circa 2003, Barbara wanted a picture of her house taken off of some web site.

No-one cared about the website or the picture until then and no-one actually really knew it was there or cared to look.

Until Barbara started making noise about removing it.

That’s when the traffic started flowing and the picture became famous and one of the most viewed at the time. Just a picture of a house on a beach. You can read more about it here.

What is the point? The point is that people are like little children, as a whole. You tell them “you cannot do that” – and it only encourages them doing that thing you have just forbidden them to do. Someone took a picture of your house? Who cares! You say we cannot see it? But we want to! Lets all go and see that picture!

Same with “The Interview”. The movie got a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes even before it got released. Not because it is such a great movie (it is not, and the score went down significantly after people had actually watched it). But because of the publicity it got with the North Koreans trying to suppress it and Sony yanking it.

Some say that the Sony hack was a false flag attack (i.e.: they did it themselves and blamed the Koreans, as a publicity stunt), but I don’t buy it. Too much damage was inflicted to too many people (and Sony itself) to believe Sony would do it to itself.

But this has proven to us, once again, that the Streisand effect is going to happen any time someone tries to pull such a stunt. As log as we have the free and uncensored Internet, removing information from it by any single party is essentially impossible, and will only lead to that information being spread wider and talked about louder.

And that’s a good thing. And that is why we need to continue opposing legislation like SOPA or PIPA.

May be we should start renaming the Streisand Effect into the “Un Effect”?

Your Little Advisor

Who watched the stupid movie, and unless you really like Seth Rogen’s comedy – wouldn’t advise spending money on it.

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