What should we do about the backward people?

There’s seem to be some “swan-song”-like effort from various groups of retarded people to remove themselves from the civilized society.

I’m talking about the “religious” bigots and haters who adopt laws that allow them to continue hating and hurting other people in the name of their “religion”.

Obviously, religion has nothing to do with that. That’s the basic fear of the unknown and different that drives them.

Lets take the latest attempt of the Indiana lawmakers and their governor to justify allowing people to pick and chose who they’re going to serve in their businesses which are supposedly open to general public:

They created a law that allows businesses to refuse service to everyone who “burdens” their ability to practice their religion.Obviously, that group is empty. Since they can practice their religion regardless of whom and how they serve. Bringing flowers to a gay wedding in no way “burdens their ability to practice”, since they can go and practice whatever they want whenever they want to practice it whether they brought the flowers or not.

So they will continue being sued for refusing serving gay people, and will continue losing their court battles and pay fines and penalties.

What did Indiana gain then? Other than bad publicity – nothing.

What did Indiana lose? Millions of dollars in business from people who will not go there.

Who will pay the price? Ordinary citizens of Indiana.

And they deserve it, for electing such idiots to represent them.

People who are in business of serving general public should not be allowed to discriminate. Not black people, not gay people, not Jewish people, not people wearing burkas, not women, not men – not anyone. You want to only serve a specific group? Open a club, with admission process and club dues. You want to open a store on main street? You serve everyone. Whatever you want to believe and practice in the privacy of your own home – your own business. Leave it there.

Your Little Advisor.

Advising you strongly to avoid doing business or spending money in Indiana, Arkansas, Texas, Alabama, and any other State that claims that legally discriminating people just because they don’t like them is OK. It works both way, lets show them how.

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