God wants to love gays in Kentucky, but needs more help in doing so!

We’ve all heard about the Kentucky county clerk adopting the Sharia law instead of the United States Constitution and claiming that doing so is the governments’ god-sent right.

Well, God apparently disagrees. In his/her recent post, God said that he/she would like to post a billboard in Kentucky to spread his/her message of love, however was unable to find a billboard provider to allow him/her doing so. Because in Kentucky they don’t want to hear God’s message coming from God, only from a multiple-divorcee and adulteress.

So if you want to help God in spreading his/her message of Love, and help the people of Kentucky freeing themselves from the oppression of the religious fanatics, please donate here for a mobile billboard.

Your Little Agnostic Advisor

PS: I truly believe Kim Davis should be able to practice her religion as she wishes. Kentucky County Clerk, however, has no such privilege. Government is not allowed to prefer one religion over the other in the United States, and if Ms Davis cannot work as a government official without violating her beliefs – she should quit her job. Just as MLK would probably not hold a position as a janitor at the KKK offices, now would he?

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