So Chase updated their web site. To the AdBlock!

Chase Bank, of which I’m a happy customer, has recently updated their website for online banking.

There was nothing (much) wrong with the old one, IMHO, but it seems to be a trend for online service providers to move to a model of a site optimized for all devices. As part of that Chase decided to redesign their online banking site to be more suitable for tablet/phone users at the expense of the desktop users.

So far so good, from IT perspective it is definitely easier and cheaper to maintain one version that suits all than multiple versions for segmented markets. No complaints there.


Dear Chase.

When I log in to my online banking account – I don’t want to see advertisements. Definitely not in the most important part of the screen, the upper left corner.

So when I see this:



I go to this.

So please, Chase… I’m already your customer, and a quite happy one. When I go to the online banking web site – I need an online banking service. Not a Mazda MX-5 Miata, as nice as that car could look on my driveway.

Please put the bank accounts summary back where it belongs – the upper left corner, the first corner everyone looks at. Because that’s what everyone is looking for there.

Thank you,

Your Little Advisor.

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2 Responses to So Chase updated their web site. To the AdBlock!

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  2. mccalla says:

    New redesigned website is not user friendly for desktop users. The previous design was
    logical and very easy to navigate. The new Chase website is slow and not easy to use at all.
    When will the previous version be reinstalled?

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