So Facebook decided to force spam on its users….

It’s been a while since I saw advertisements on Facebook that were not in form of click-baits or Takei’s promoted posts. And Facebook didn’t like that.

So they decided to circumvent ad filters and force the spam on me even though the clearly recognize that the whole reason people like me use ad filters was because the ads provide little to no value to us.

Clearly, they think they can boost revenue by degrading the user experience. Well, what can I do?

Click on all the ads.

Yes, they’ll get paid for that, but the more people do that – the more advertisers will realize that the Facebook “high” CTR doesn’t lead to any conversions, and in fact is causing them to lose customers instead of gaining them.

I don’t really care if Facebook earns more money or not. In fact, if they do – good for them. More money to Zuckerberg’s charity, for all I care. But if a large enough volume of advertisers realize that they’re paying for nothing and the clicks they’re getting are useless – maybe they will force Facebook to be more user-friendly?

Or maybe we all move to Google+ after all?

In any case – if you can’t escape it, click it. If the advertisers think it is a good use for their money to force me memorize what companies and products I’m not going to pay for – that’s their choice.

Your Little Advisor.

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