It’s that time of the year again!

As usual during the last weeks of the year, I’m reminding everyone to consider contributing to charity. This year, this is especially so since you may not be able to get any tax benefit from charitable contributions next year, making you less inclined to contribute.

This year I encourage you to contribute to charities that are invested in keeping our politicians honest (as much as they reasonably can), and provide help to those hurting. In addition, do consider the natural disasters (which seem to be more and more frequent and disastrous, but it’s all natural, nothing is man-made).

Here’s the list of my favorite charities for this year (confirm with your tax adviser on the tax deduction eligibility):

Wikimedia Foundation, Electronic Frontier Foundation – keeps the information accessible to everyone (except for China). For now.

Southern Poverty Law Center, American Civil Liberties Union, Human Rights Campaign – Organizations fighting for equality and against discrimination and hate.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America – An organization dedicated to providing accessible and affordable healthcare options for women. Women can choose for themselves what care they need, they don’t need old white men to decide for them. But they might need help making that care affordable and accessible, so let’s provide that help to those who need it.

The American Red Cross, UNICEF USA – Organizations helping with disaster relief in Puerto Rico, California, Florida, Texas, and many other places.

NPR, (through UPenn) – If you want to keep the media honest and independent

And of course, if you want to be able to research the charities – consider also which provides a lot of useful information and metrics about various charities, and is in itself a charity organization.

Have a happy new year, merry whatever it is you’re celebrating, and consider continuing your charitable givings even if they are no longer deductible.

Your Little Advisor


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