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It’s that time of the year again!

As usual during the last weeks of the year, I’m reminding everyone to consider contributing to charity. This year, this is especially so since you may not be able to get any tax benefit from charitable contributions next year, making … Continue reading

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Analyses of the New Tax Reform Coming Out

The new Republican tax reform proposal has finally been published this week, and analyses of it are now coming out on various sites. Here’s my take on what I’ve learned. Continue reading

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The Sham of the Estate Tax Repeal

The new tax plan recently announced by the politicians has caught my eye with one thing in particular – the repeal of the estate tax. Most people think that the estate tax doesn’t affect them. With the $5.49M exemption per … Continue reading

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Trump had almost $1B losses – how does that work?

The Republican Presidential nominee is apparently not as shrewd a businessman as he wants everyone to believe. It has been published that on his 1995 tax return he reported total accumulated losses of almost $1B! I’ll leave it to the … Continue reading

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So Facebook decided to force spam on its users….

It’s been a while since I saw advertisements on Facebook that were not in form of click-baits or Takei’s promoted posts. And Facebook didn’t like that. So they decided to circumvent ad filters and force the spam on me even … Continue reading

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Online banking deteriorating! Or, so I got the Citi’s Costco card.

I mentioned the new Chase online banking website and I wasn’t happy about it. Little did I know… Just a few days later I had to sign up to the Citi online banking system, with my brand new Citi Costco … Continue reading

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It’s the Prime day at Amazon!

Today is the Amazon traditional “Prime day” sale. Tons of promotions are going on, and if you look carefully enough you may catch a glimpse of that rare beast called “a real deal!”. If you don’t yet have a Prime … Continue reading

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