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Online banking deteriorating! Or, so I got the Citi’s Costco card.

I mentioned the new Chase online banking website and I wasn’t happy about it. Little did I know… Just a few days later I had to sign up to the Citi online banking system, with my brand new Citi Costco … Continue reading

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So Chase updated their web site. To the AdBlock!

Chase Bank, of which I’m a happy customer, has recently updated their website for online banking. There was nothing (much) wrong with the old one, IMHO, but it seems to be a trend for online service providers to move to … Continue reading

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The new “Chip-and-Signature” cards aren’t really that safe!

Like probably most of you, I’ve got the new credit cards from most of my credit card issuers. Those with a large square chip on the left side. The new “Chip-and-Signature” cards. The US banks are going out of their … Continue reading

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How well does your investment firm/bank guard your personal information?

As some of you probably know, and others can imagine – I have more than one email address. One, for example, is used exclusively for this blog: all the notifications, your comments, the blog contact form and Twitter/Facebook/Google+ updates about … Continue reading

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The Roth IRA loophole – retirement planning for high earners!

It is a very well known truth that in the US you have no-one to rely on but yourself when it comes to retirement. Sure, you accumulate some Social Security benefits, but they’re nowhere near to bringing you to a … Continue reading

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A little on Bitcoin

There’s a lot of fuss going on around about “the next best thing” on the Internet – the Bitcoins. I decided to compile some of my thoughts and impressions on this thing, and explain why I think it is a … Continue reading

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is looking for feedback from students

CFPB is starting looking into various marketing practices of financial and banking products to US students. Please contact them with any feedback on the matter. Continue reading

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