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Kudos to Southwest customer service!

While I had bad experience with airlines’ stuff regarding luggage problems before, this time I want to write about the good things. Although it took a day to receive my bag, the experience was pleasant and the customer service provided by Southwest was excellent. Comparing to airlines that charge money and then blame you for damage to your luggage, definitely a different level of service. Continue reading

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So what have I missed lately?

My opinion on the recent SCOTUS ruling re the ObamaCare, and a tip for those of you traveling with United Airlines anytime soon. Have a great summer! Continue reading

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Get free miles with United

United gives 500 miles free for registering for marketing promotions sent to your phone. Continue reading

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Are you planning on renting cars this summer?

You shouldn’t pay for the rental upgrades. Rental companies try to lure you in with cheap prices only to try and convince you to pay an “upgrade fee”. Don’t. Continue reading

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Citi, Enterprise – Is crappy service contageous?

Citi Credit Cards and Enterprise Car Rental – another two companies with crappy service I’ll try to avoid in the future. Continue reading

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How to get a global or US local phone number? Easy.

If you are being called from outside the US, or you are outside the US and want to get a US numbers or elsewhere in the US from where you live? Many options. Continue reading

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New Southwest rewards program – does it make sense?

Southwest new loyalty rewards system encourages us to fly less and to pay more. Does it make sense? Continue reading

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Horrible American Airlines service – a unique experience?

Short version: they ruined the luggage, the representative was rude, the customer service responded “we don’t care, here’s some miles, go away”. Continue reading

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LoJack? Or not LoJack? How to keep your laptop safe?

How to keep the laptop safe from theft or loss? How to ensure data is not lost? How to maximize chances of recovery? Lets take a look at the options available Continue reading

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Looking for airfare savings?

Check for ways to save on your next air travel, or vacation. It’s the time to start planning your summer vacations, and be smart about that! Continue reading

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