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Google being evil

Google forces people to join Google+ by blocking their most frequent chat buddies and leaving Google+ the only way to unblock. Way to go, “do not be evil”! Continue reading

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A little on Bitcoin

There’s a lot of fuss going on around about “the next best thing” on the Internet – the Bitcoins. I decided to compile some of my thoughts and impressions on this thing, and explain why I think it is a … Continue reading

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What’s the best way to insure your phone?

New phone, its all shiny and expensive, and you’re worried about it being damaged or lost. We’ve all been there. So, what’s the best way to insure it? Continue reading

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Promotions on Tax Preparation Software are ON!

The tax preparation software manufacturers (Intuit and HR Block) have started their promotions already. Check your options and the current prices! Continue reading

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Kudos to Southwest customer service!

While I had bad experience with airlines’ stuff regarding luggage problems before, this time I want to write about the good things. Although it took a day to receive my bag, the experience was pleasant and the customer service provided by Southwest was excellent. Comparing to airlines that charge money and then blame you for damage to your luggage, definitely a different level of service. Continue reading

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Do you trust the news? The BBC lying on Gaza, again.

Palestinian propaganda works extra hours and gets sloppy. Wounded man gets miraculously cured, medics desperately try to save an obviously dead body… Continue reading

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Using Yelp to destroy the political opponents

GOP haters are using the YELP ranking system to hurt business whose owners openly support the Obama administration. Be careful when you check the ratings. Continue reading

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