It’s that time of the year again!

We’re at the end of another year!

Usually at this time I’ll remind you of stuff and explain you some stuff. So instead of repeating myself, I decided to put together a least of my prior articles that are relevant to the end of the year time and the start of the tax season.

So… Here it is:

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No more “free loans” from your multiple IRAs

Starting with 2015, the IRS will start enforcing the new interpretation of the law which forbids the practice of taking “free loans” from multiple IRA accounts.

What does it mean?

For a long time there’s been a practice of taking distributions out of an IRA, keeping/using it for up to 60 days, and then depositing back to an IRA. A kind of free short term loan.

If a taxpayer had multiple IRA accounts, it has been the IRS position that the taxpayer could do this “trick” once a year per account.  This changed this year.

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A short reminder about the Middle Eastern affairs coverage

This summer I was writing about the media coverage of the yet another round of violence in the Middle East. I was showing that the media, and the social media in particular, is extremely biased against Israel and the Israelis.

Well, guess what? Nothing changed.

Gaza is under attack. It is being blockaded and military is fighting against the Palestinians and the Hamas.

But you won’t hear about it in the daily news reports, and you won’t see Anderson Cooper standing in a bullet-proof vest in front of a camera in a safe distance from explosions in the background.

You know why? Because the ones attacking are not the Israelis. It is Egypt, an Arab/Muslim nation, who is now attacking, blockading and doing all these things we’re used to blame Israel of. But it is OK, they’re not Jews.

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God Loves Gays.

I mentioned this project when it has just started a couple of months ago, and now – the results: God has spoken – and she loves gays!

After two months, more than $100,000 were donated to the project (more than twice as much as the sacrifice God has asked for!), and as the result we have a billboard in Topeka, Kansas, that brings God’s message to the masses. And the message is: God Loves Gays!

In addition to the billboards, there are also advertisements on buses, additional support for the Trevor Project, and also a campaign in Utah – another place full of hateful bigots.

My previous post has been re-tweeted and shared and I hope I helped this campaign and  God in some way by writing it. I’m happy to be supporting this particular God. I know there are many gods, some are good and some are evil, some are real and some are made up. I’m proud to support one of the gods that try to do good in this world. I hope there will be more like her.

Your Little (and agnostic) Advisor

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Thank you, Scotland!

While the results are not yet final, according to the BBC about 54% of the Scots voted against the proposed separation from the United Kingdom.

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God needs your support in funding!

The God has started a project called “God Loves Gays”, where he/she intends to put a billboard sign that states the above in Topeka, Kansas – the home of the blasphemous cult infamous for picketing various events and blaming all the world evils on gays.

The religious fanatics are becoming stronger in the recent years all over the world. Be it the Taliban, the Republican Party, the ISIS organization, the Hamas or Al-Qaeda – they are all driven by the same hatred towards people thinking differently, believing in different things, or acting in the ways these people think others shouldn’t. While believing in whatever they want to believe is their right, enforcing their beliefs on others is not – and the God has spoken numerously against that.

So lets help the God (The Good Lord Above), that actually cares and actually talks back to the people who believe in him/her, bring his/her message to where it is needed the most: Topeka, Kansas.

You can show your support here, starting of $1. And no, this is not tax deductible. No religion should be a justification for tax discrimination, not even when a real god is involved.

Your Little Agnostic Advisor.

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How well does your investment firm/bank guard your personal information?

As some of you probably know, and others can imagine – I have more than one email address. One, for example, is used exclusively for this blog: all the notifications, your comments, the blog contact form and Twitter/Facebook/Google+ updates about my accounts used by this blog are being sent there.

Another email I have is used exclusively for my specific activity for profit. As part of that activity – I have opened an investment account. I have never given that email to anyone other than my business partner with whom I’ve been working for about 2 years prior on that activity. I have never received any spam on that email (it’s pretty hard to “guess” it).

Within days after opening the investment account with the firm, I started receiving multilpe spam emails a day, all related to various stock investments (read: scams). Fortunately the spam filter I have is very effective and none of them actually lands in my inbox, but that is beside the point.

When contacted the investment firm about it I received no response other than “we’ll look into it”. They’re probably still looking (a couple of months have passed).

I’m not suggesting that the firm has a leak, and it may have very well be a coincidence. But to me it looks like either the firm is selling the private contact information (and I tried to read their policies, I really did, it’s impossible to understand!), or some employee is just “harvesting” it from paper applications (as it was in fact a paper application, and not on-line, in my case).

If you have other (or similar) experiences – please leave a comment. With more people complaining, and doing it publicly, I’m sure the firm will “look into it” harder.

Thank you!

Your Little Advisor.

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