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Online banking deteriorating! Or, so I got the Citi’s Costco card.

I mentioned the new Chase online banking website and I wasn’t happy about it. Little did I know… Just a few days later I had to sign up to the Citi online banking system, with my brand new Citi Costco … Continue reading

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The new “Chip-and-Signature” cards aren’t really that safe!

Like probably most of you, I’ve got the new credit cards from most of my credit card issuers. Those with a large square chip on the left side. The new “Chip-and-Signature” cards. The US banks are going out of their … Continue reading

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Guest post: what would you like in your next financial management app?

Brian St. Pierre writes about his ideas for the next financial app he’s developing, and asks for your help in shaping its features’ list Continue reading

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The power we have as consumers

Bank of America got the message sent by the 21 thousand clients pledging to leave it. Lesson learned: if you want something to change – do it yourself. Continue reading

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What do you do with your old credit cards?

Several tips on how to make sure your credit cards’ information is safe and secure when you need to renew/replace/upgrade your card. And some other tips as well Continue reading

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American Express – Excellent Customer Service!

Credit must be given where credit is due, and I want to give the credit to the American Express Customer Service. Continue reading

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The Lending Club investor review

As promised a month ago, here’s the review on the peer-to-peer lending platform: LendingClub.com. Continue reading

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Apparently not all the banks are against us!

Although you might think that banks are our enemies, with all the fees and crappy service, apparently there are some exceptions. Obviously, their motives are not at all altruistic, and they want to gain customers at the expense of the less consumer-friendly banks. But, for us the customers, healthy competition is always a good sign. Continue reading

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Forever ends in February 2011. At least for Chase customers.

Remember the “Forever Free Checking” from Washington Mutual? Well, it became “Chase Free Extra Checking” when Chase acquired WaMu in 2009. Now the Forever ended, and the Free became Fee.

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Prepaid cards case study. The importance of reading the fine prints.

It was announced on November 29, that the Kardashian Kard program is going to be canceled. That by itself may not be interesting as it had only been used by several hundreds of customers in the short time of its … Continue reading

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