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Apparently not all the banks are against us!

Although you might think that banks are our enemies, with all the fees and crappy service, apparently there are some exceptions. Obviously, their motives are not at all altruistic, and they want to gain customers at the expense of the less consumer-friendly banks. But, for us the customers, healthy competition is always a good sign. Continue reading

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Forever ends in February 2011. At least for Chase customers.

Remember the “Forever Free Checking” from Washington Mutual? Well, it became “Chase Free Extra Checking” when Chase acquired WaMu in 2009. Now the Forever ended, and the Free became Fee.

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Prepaid cards case study. The importance of reading the fine prints.

It was announced on November 29, that the Kardashian Kard program is going to be canceled. That by itself may not be interesting as it had only been used by several hundreds of customers in the short time of its … Continue reading

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So you’ve just lost your wallet. Now what?

I lost my wallet. Again. So what should I do? There are certain things to do to protect yourself in case that happens to you. Continue reading

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How easy is it to steal from you?

From many people apparently it is easy. I’m not saying that cramming is necessarily stealing, don’t get me wrong. I also don’t mean to say that any phone company that has unfortunate billing mistakes is necessarily cramming. I’m just saying … Continue reading

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The devil is in the details. Can you see them?

One of the hardest ever problems of a household is managing a budget. Yeah, that thing that helps you tracking your spending and seeing what you have and what you don’t.
How do you do it? Continue reading

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Are you still paying those ridiculous banking fees?

It’s been a while since I wrote last about how banks are should be the ones to pay you, and not the other way around. So some things have changes since then. For example – the the CARD Act. This … Continue reading

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