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The Thanksgiving shopping season tips

The shopping season begins, and here are some tips for your Black Friday shopping! Continue reading

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Is it a good time to buy an SSD (solid state drive)?

One of the things I had to consider when I purchased my new laptop recently was whether I should get an SSD for it. I got one. Should you? Read on for details. Continue reading

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The art of buying a new laptop

Buying a laptop nowadays is not an easy almost as complicated as buying a car. It requires a lot of preparations, research and stamina. So, how to do it right? Continue reading

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Afraid to use your credit/debit card online? There’s an app for that!

We’ve all heard about the dangers of using your credit cards on-line. Someone can steal the number, forge the card, and you’ll have to work hard to dispute tens of charges and waste a lot of energy, and may be some money. Not to mention the potential identity theft when you provide your billing address everywhere, etc.

How to avoid that? Several different options, for your choice. Continue reading

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It’s all about the numbers. Or is it?

Numbers are the best way for the advertisers to obscure the data, and emphasize the less important things, while not mentioning the things that really matter. Continue reading

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Annoying Mail In Rebates…

First thing people notice is that they pay less. That makes them buy. And then deal with the rebate. Or not, and give the money to the seller as a gift. Continue reading

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Christmas shopping tips!

No-one misses on the holiday’s shopping, right? Right! So, how to get the best out of it? Here are some tips I gathered for you… Continue reading

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