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What do you do with your old credit cards?

Several tips on how to make sure your credit cards’ information is safe and secure when you need to renew/replace/upgrade your card. And some other tips as well Continue reading

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Another credit card scam spreading around

I’ve just received a call with an automated message that my credit card is blocked. How do I know that it’s a scam, and what to do if you get such a call Continue reading

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Afraid to use your credit/debit card online? There’s an app for that!

We’ve all heard about the dangers of using your credit cards on-line. Someone can steal the number, forge the card, and you’ll have to work hard to dispute tens of charges and waste a lot of energy, and may be some money. Not to mention the potential identity theft when you provide your billing address everywhere, etc.

How to avoid that? Several different options, for your choice. Continue reading

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Apparently not all the banks are against us!

Although you might think that banks are our enemies, with all the fees and crappy service, apparently there are some exceptions. Obviously, their motives are not at all altruistic, and they want to gain customers at the expense of the less consumer-friendly banks. But, for us the customers, healthy competition is always a good sign. Continue reading

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Buying last minute gift cards? Get some cash back!

What if you’re on the giving side – giving gift cards? Any perks there? Surprisingly – YES. So, how to save money on buying gift cards? Here’s how: Continue reading

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Prepaid cards case study. The importance of reading the fine prints.

It was announced on November 29, that the Kardashian Kard program is going to be canceled. That by itself may not be interesting as it had only been used by several hundreds of customers in the short time of its … Continue reading

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So you’ve just lost your wallet. Now what?

I lost my wallet. Again. So what should I do? There are certain things to do to protect yourself in case that happens to you. Continue reading

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