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Happy New Year! (Well, soon…)

If you’re somewhere around the San Francisco Bay Area – you might want to check this site out: SF-FunCheap. Continue reading

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It’s another Woot-off day!

A new deal every 30 minutes at Woot, Happy shopping! Your Little Advisor

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How about saving on your health expenses?

Health expenses can become a huge part of your budget. So the question raises – how to save there? Should we try to save on our health at all? The answer is: Just be healthy. Continue reading

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100 Incredibly Useful & Free Mac Apps

Mac users (like me…): In case you’ve missed it, at Mac.AppStorm you can find a list of useful applications, all for free, that you can download to enhance your Mac. Continue reading

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How about some playful charitable donations?

Buying several PC/MAC/LINUX games at a price you set yourself allows you not only spend some time playing, but also donating some money to charity and/or free software development. So why not? Continue reading

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Thousand Dollar Bill???

“Snopes.com”. On this site you can check out rumors, suspicios emails, possible scams, historical “facts”, and many more claims that you might want to verify. Continue reading

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