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Is it a good time to buy an SSD (solid state drive)?

One of the things I had to consider when I purchased my new laptop recently was whether I should get an SSD for it. I got one. Should you? Read on for details. Continue reading

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The art of buying a new laptop

Buying a laptop nowadays is not an easy almost as complicated as buying a car. It requires a lot of preparations, research and stamina. So, how to do it right? Continue reading

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LoJack? Or not LoJack? How to keep your laptop safe?

How to keep the laptop safe from theft or loss? How to ensure data is not lost? How to maximize chances of recovery? Lets take a look at the options available Continue reading

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Are you thinking of buying a laptop?

When buying an expensive consumer electronics device, the quality and reliability are very important factors. Read on how to get the most info prior to buying! Continue reading

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