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Looking for those Black Friday deals?

How and where to get the up-to-date info about the Black Friday deals? Well, here’s my roundup on the sources. Continue reading

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Need an old Groupon deal? Don’t need the one you’ve got? There’s a solution.

I already wrote an article about a way to get rid of unwanted gift cards. Well, there’s another one, and I’ll discuss it in today’s post. Continue reading

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Annoying Mail In Rebates…

First thing people notice is that they pay less. That makes them buy. And then deal with the rebate. Or not, and give the money to the seller as a gift. Continue reading

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Microsoft are closing the bing cash rebate service

Just as I was writing about the Microsoft Bing search engine cash back program, it appears that Microsoft were making the decision to shut the service down. Here’s the announcement, with some more details. Well, make the best use of … Continue reading

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Microsoft Cash Rebate – using the Bing search enginie. Yes, that’s real!

Micorosoft search engine, Bing, in an attempt to compete with Google. One of the ways they do it is by offering cash rebate for purchases. Continue reading

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Do you have any coupons?

Coupons. Yeah, those pieces of paper (or just sequences of letters and numbers you type in during your on-line shopping checkout session) that can save you a lot of cash. Do you have them? If not – read on, I’ll show you some of the ways to get the most of them. Continue reading

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