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A little on Bitcoin

There’s a lot of fuss going on around about “the next best thing” on the Internet – the Bitcoins. I decided to compile some of my thoughts and impressions on this thing, and explain why I think it is a … Continue reading

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Closing the Lending Club account – experiment failed

The combination of inadequate returns, inadequate customer support and bugs – pulling out of my Lending Club investment. Continue reading

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Lending Club Review – Follow Up

I wrote a review about the “Lending Club” service a year ago. What are my current thoughts and conclusions? Well, you can read about it now. Continue reading

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How reliable the reviews on Yelp really are?

Yelp are accused of extortion and blackmailing business owners in the San Francisco Bay area, for improving their ratings and removing trashing reviews. Continue reading

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The switchable graphics fiasco – update about the HP/AMD failure.

Update to the previous article posted several weeks before about the HP/AMD failure to deliver a working product. How much have the thing changed since then? Continue reading

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The art of buying a new laptop

Buying a laptop nowadays is not an easy almost as complicated as buying a car. It requires a lot of preparations, research and stamina. So, how to do it right? Continue reading

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American Express – Excellent Customer Service!

Credit must be given where credit is due, and I want to give the credit to the American Express Customer Service. Continue reading

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LoJack? Or not LoJack? How to keep your laptop safe?

How to keep the laptop safe from theft or loss? How to ensure data is not lost? How to maximize chances of recovery? Lets take a look at the options available Continue reading

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So many questions – and now: a place for answers!

StackExchange.com and its money.StackExchange.com personal finance site provide an excellent social-driven Q&A for the users! Have a question? Just ask! Continue reading

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TurboTax Review – part 2

This is the second part of my TurboTax review. Continue reading

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