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Yet another failure from Google…. Are they more and more evil?

I’m not opening an account there, and suggest you shouldn’t either. I want to have at least the ability to tell people how to call me. Continue reading

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Opt out of advertisers’ data mining your surfing habits!

Read today’s post to learn how to opt out from the advertisers’ tracking systems, and stop companies spying on you. Continue reading

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Donations – the followup

Information is power, and the more free and independent information we can get (from Wikipedia, among other sources), the less power will the large corporations have over us. Continue reading

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FCC to vote today on the “net neutrality”

Law enforcement is not the service providers’ role. Being the prosecutor, judge and the hanger, all in one, is not a role for a commercial service provider. Continue reading

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Knock Knock, who’s there?

Do you know who’s living with you in your house? Can people just come in and settle down in your living room without even asking you? I guess not. So why can they on your computer?

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How easy is it to steal from you?

From many people apparently it is easy. I’m not saying that cramming is necessarily stealing, don’t get me wrong. I also don’t mean to say that any phone company that has unfortunate billing mistakes is necessarily cramming. I’m just saying … Continue reading

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QuiBids – Why eBay is not the worst that can happen to us.

So many people out there have complaints about eBay. People complain about the fees, the tight security, the bad customer service, and whatever else. Some people even went further and opened dedicated blogs and sites for their rants. That’s fine, … Continue reading

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