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How well does your investment firm/bank guard your personal information?

As some of you probably know, and others can imagine – I have more than one email address. One, for example, is used exclusively for this blog: all the notifications, your comments, the blog contact form and Twitter/Facebook/Google+ updates about … Continue reading

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Some more of the ridiculous Paliwood propaganda…

The group of people shooting rockets endlessly at Israel for more than a decade, get the front lines everywhere. Surprisingly – as victims, and usually by lies. Continue reading

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The “Annual Business Registration” Scam

Once your newly created business entity enters into the public records, you start getting all kinds of letters in your mailbox. Read carefully and pay attention Continue reading

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Truth in advertising: When you order Kobe beef – do you know what you are getting?

It is a very famous kind of meat, considered to be a gourmet food. When you see its name in a US-restaurant menu – you won’t be getting what you’re thinking of. Continue reading

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Has Chase website been hacked? Beware of phishing attempts!

Your personal information might be in jeopardy. It has been happening for a while now, and every now and then comes back. What to look for and how to avoid? Continue reading

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Another scam is going on – beware!

If you get a call from someone telling you that someone wants to give you some money and that in order to receive it you should go to Western Union – hang up. Continue reading

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A new PC virus is spreading – MS Removal Tool

A computer virus is spreading around. The virus targets Microsoft Windows systems, and presents itself as a “MS Removal Tool”. Continue reading for more info. Continue reading

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