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Opt out of advertisers’ data mining your surfing habits!

Read today’s post to learn how to opt out from the advertisers’ tracking systems, and stop companies spying on you. Continue reading

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IRS imposters are trying to steal your identity

In the midst of the tax season, there’s another scam going on. If you receive an email claiming it’s from IRS and you need to send them info- it’s a scam. Continue reading

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Improving your online security – Facebook

Facebook is a fertile ground for all kinds of scamers. But the latest change they’ve introduced may help you protect yourselves a little. Continue reading

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Another credit card scam spreading around

I’ve just received a call with an automated message that my credit card is blocked. How do I know that it’s a scam, and what to do if you get such a call Continue reading

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Can a case of “deceptive prices” happen here?

Recently it was published that China accuses Wal-Mart of “deceptive prices”. What does it mean? And how can we ensure that we don’t fall into the same pit? Continue reading

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Beware of IRS’ 2010 “Dirty Dozen” Tax Scams

I wrote not too long ago about how to prepare your return efficiently and without paying too much. So what mistakes you most certainly don’t want to make? Continue reading

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Tax preparation – getting the refunds quickly and safely

In my previous article on the cost-effective tax preparation options, I covered several options for the tax return preparation.

Now, lets see how you can get the refund money safely during this tax season (if you’re entitled for refunds). Continue reading

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