Happy V-Day!

It’s been 70 years since the allied forces were victorious in their fight against the Nazi Germany and their allies in Europe, and most of the people who participated in that great war are long gone.

Yet we owe a lot to them and it is never too late to remember and reflect, and show are gratitude to those still with us.

70 years after the end of one war, and almost 101 years after the beginning of another, it is a good time to remember how these things start. Hatred, intolerance and complete lack of comprehension that some people are not the same as the others – those are the things that start world wars.

Some people take pride in their fanaticism, and even in this country we see people who think that religious intolerance, racism or xenophobia are virtues that should be cherished.

Do not let these people gain more power, do not let religious fanatics dominate the conversation, and most definitely do not vote for someone who thinks that being religious is something to be proud of to any public office.

Remember the hatred that lead to the Holocaust, and don’t let that happen again. We need more tolerance in this world, more education, more science and more cooperation and consolidation, not confrontation, not conservatism, not religious oppression, and not hatred of any kind.

Treat others the way you would want to be treated by them.

Happy May 9th,

Your Little Advisor.

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