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Verizon starts selling the iPhone!

Verizon starts selling the iPhone! Now what? Well, I wouldn’t rush to the store just yet. Continue reading

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Another cool way to save on your phone bill!

The free calling through your GMAIL accounts will continue to be free at least until the end of the year 2011. Continue reading

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Follow up on iPhones…

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, all the iPhones/iPods/iPads up to iPhone 4 have been jailbroken and are now free. If you do the jailbreak of course, it’s there and legal. Now the turn of the new iPhone … Continue reading

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How to save on your phone bill

Wouldn’t you like to pay one tenth of your phone bill? Check the short comparison of VoIP services like Skype, Magic Jack or Vonage, versus the ridicules AT&T phone service costs. Continue reading

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